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Does Your Business Play Our Station?


Does your business play our station for your customers? Please let us know if you do. We will try to mention it on the air and on Social Media. We are also preparing a program to use this to help keep your customers coming back to hear our great music and do business with you!


We will place files here that you can print out and customize for use with your business:



This promotion is very unique and will attract attention!


Sponsorship for our stations is also available to you. We can mention your business name and location on the air about 3 times per hour 24/7. We would include a 200x200 grapgic picture and link to your website on the front page of our websites. This plan covers for both SRrocks.com radio station for one month at a donation of $30. ($300 for an annual plan). [This offer expires June 30th, 2017.]


Donations will be used to pay station expenses, purchase new quality programming, upgrade equipment and advertise the stations.


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